Livestream Rejoin Prompt

A prompt that offers users the option to rejoin a livestream after reporting.

How does this mitigate hate?

Livestreams can be hotbeds for hateful content, comments, and spam. The option to report misconduct or hateful content is a significant factor in mitigating hate and ensuring safer experiences. After a user reports any harmful action during a livestream, a prompt can allow them to rejoin the stream should they feel it necessary to re-enter.


When to use it?

After a report is submitted the reporting user should be given the option to continue exiting the livestream room, or rejoin the reported room.

A pause of the livestream for the reporting user after any successful report of comment, post, content, or violating streamer should be predetermined by the platform.

How does it work?

Post report, a prompt is shown to the user asking if the user wants to rejoin the livestream.

Platforms should consider the following contingencies and predetermine removal of reporting users, and offenders adhering to policies, and safety guidelines.

Users should be aware that their report has been successfully submitted and that the corresponding content, comment, etc. aligns with their report details.

Users should be asked if they want to exit the livestream after a report has been submitted. If a pause in the livestream is default, users should be prompted to rejoin with a notice that the exposure to harmful content may continue if the livestream has not yet been removed according to guidelines.


This pattern gives the user a choice to understand if livestream content is in violation of community safety guidelines, as well as allows users to report multiple instances if they are alone in their experience of hate, by empowering them to flag multiple bad actors or multiple instances of exposure.


Reporting processes may be slow, also various platform’s mitigation capabilities may limit user’s control of the situation.

Users may rejoin a livestream and experience increasingly severe exposure while waiting for removal of a livestream.

Blocked users can use a VPN to get past a ban.


Twitch livestream rejoin UI

Twitch livestream rejoin UI

Twitch livestream reporting UI

Twitch livestream reporting UI


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