Livestream Ended Notification

Quick and clear notification when livestream ends due to maximum number of rule violations.

How does this mitigate hate?

Livestreams can be a hotbed for hateful and harassing content as streamers have a platform to spread hate and harassment that will be immediately seen and heard by viewers in the livestream.


When to use it?

Platforms that experience issues of streamers breaking the rules of the platform the maximum amount of times, should use this pattern to notify both the streamer and the viewers that the actions of the streamer broke the rules of the platform, and their livestream has been ended as a consequence.

It is important that streamers who have their livestreams ended for violating the community agreements are quickly and clearly notified of why the action was done.

How does it work?

Streamers who violate the terms of service should have their streams cut off and discontinued as soon as the violation is observed or reported.

The notification should cover the majority of the user’s screens to ensure that they are notified, and it should have to be dismissed manually to verify that they understand why it was ended.

The duration of the livestream restriction should be determined by the platform.


A notification that is clearly seen and has to be manually dismissed informs users of their violation and verifies that they have seen the message.

This pattern ensures that streamers and viewers are aware of the violation that ended the livestream, so that they understand the consequences of their actions if they continue in the future.